Arrive at pool to be on poolside 5 minutes before start of session.

Whilst in the changing areas, we expect responsible behaviour from all swimmers – remember you are in a public facility with other members of the public in your presence.  There will be no tolerance from the club of unruly behaviour in any area of the pool, especially the changing areas.  Respect the session that is taking place whilst you are waiting to enter the pool area, be quiet and patient.

Always give the lane Coach your full attention and do not argue with the lane Coach or disobey instructions given.

All swimmers must wait until the coaching staff give permission to enter the pool.

Whilst waiting either at the start of the session or at intervals during the session, whether in the pool or on poolside swimmers must behave in a sensible manner, waiting patiently for their next instruction.

Absolutely no running, pushing or play fighting on poolside, especially when close to the edge of the pool.

Do not dive in unless instructed by your Coach.

Do not submerge under the water unless instructed to do so.

Do not sit on or hold onto the lane ropes, this is highly dangerous to all pool users.

Always obey the lane swimming directions; not doing so may result in injuries to yourself or other swimmers.

Do not stop during sets to talk or disrupt other swimmers.

If you need to leave the water always ask the lane Coach’s permission.

As a matter of safety, swim caps should be worn at all times by swimmers with long hair, if you wish to take your cap off during cool down, you must ensure it is safely tied back so that it will not become entangled in the lane ropes.

Do not refuse to do swim sets planned by your lane Coach, if you have a specific reason why you cannot do a set, discuss this with your lane Coach at the start of the session.

The lane Coach has the final say of lane swimming order; these are decided with your safety in mind.