Land Training

Land training sessions will be as follows:


Driffield Junior School field
Bridlington Road
Driffield YO25 5HN
Please see video at the bottom for directions to field from Bridlington Road entrance

Gates open at 6pm – do not arrive and queue before this time.

Session start 6.10 – Session finish time 6.55

There are no toilets available on site.

Parents will not be permitted to stay and watch.

Make sure your health survey (see Supporting Documents below) has been emailed back to the club.  You will then be added to the register for the date you have specified on the form.

Before arrival:

  • You will bring a filled water bottle (no filling on site)
  • Bring a towel. This can double as a mat.
  • Consider wearing a facial covering for travel to and from the centre.
  • If you feel unable to train – tired, unwell or have an injury you MUST tell your parent or carer before being dropped off if your parent/carer is leaving you.
  • If you need an inhaler, make sure you have it and it has your name on it.

On arrival:

  • Sanitise your hands on arrival
  • Keep moving as you enter the school – Karen will be there marking you off on a list and giving directions if you are unsure. She will be wearing a mask. When you are going to the field make sure you maintain physical distancing protocol. Follow the one-way system in place. (see video on website.)

On the field:

  • Maintain physical distancing protocols currently 2m recommended.
  • Follow the coach’s instructions you will be in bubbles of 5 with a coach/chaperone. There are two fitness people leading two sessions one for the younger members and one for the older members.  The person in charge of your bubble will be making sure you are alright and that you are maintaining physical distance.

Leaving the field

  • You will be told when to leave the field by your coach/chaperone and they will remind you what way you need to go. When you are leaving the pool, you must maintain physical distance.
  • Use hand sanitiser before leaving the school. Karen to assist with this.
  • Parents/carers to meet children either on the playground maintaining physical distancing protocols or if you have instructed your child to meet by the car an understanding of where you will be parked either Bridlington Road/ Wansford Road or Manorfield Avenue

Supporting documents

Training Health Screen (DJASC) * Must be completed and returned to the club *

DJASC-Risk Assessment Land training